The Paroon Sharks Care Guide

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So as a prelude to tell you from personal experience that fish growth is an amazing experience beyond any other fish I had. Paroon Shark fish is super interesting, active, swimming all the time and a big appetite. You can look at it for a long time on this shark on his movements, the way he always looks at the area and his reactions when he feels that someone is in his environment.

You can teach them to respond to certain stimuli like most cichlids and piranhas, whether it's opening the lid of the tank, a certain movement or pounding the aquarium these fish quickly learn.

I highly recommend for anyone who wants to grow successfully Paroon Shark first read the following contents:
  • About
  • Diet
  • Tips

Once you have learned and understood with what fish you deal came time to read the manual.

The Paroon Sharks Guide
The Paroon Sharks Care Guide

Care and growing conditions

Paroon Shark is a freshwater fish and regular swim a lot, so it should be very large aquarium of at least 80 cm fish length of 20 inches and go up every time it grows. If you do not have a suitable aquarium Paroon Shark please grow up, it will make him deformities and severe growth problems.
Should be replaced about one-third of water once every two weeks, the fish basically works out unclean water but will suffer and see it on him.
Not recommended to put a lot of vegetation and rock because the fish swims a lot and sometimes panics, then can get injured easily than anything in the aquarium, as well as live plants is likely to eat.
Should you hold a large aquarium is not only strong but also, with thick glass and even casting a raging since the Paroon is able to break and dismantle the glass of the aquarium, there have been cases ...

Food and feeding

The Paroon Shark is a predator fish that eat wild animals other small fish from, lobsters, crabs, carcasses of cats, dogs, birds and more ... Paroon Sharks eat even plants and fish food plain, big, they eat everything and to give them food alive and dry and plants.
Recommendations for food: chunks of chicken (live or cooked without seasoning!), Beef they dislike but it is possible, ton of canned sardines, salmon and other fish without bones, ribbed die or live, live fish, insects (there is a chance that Paroon Shark not notice them because they will float up normally), and a large dining cichlids. There are other types of possible food that I've listed here.
Feeding times: Recommended starters feed your Paroon Shark hundred and provides a meal every other day, how do you know that it provides? Looking at the belly and their swollen, but do not overdo it with food. When the Paroon Shark a length of about 35 cm or higher is recommended to feed him every day and then twice a day.

Partners aquarium

No Paroon Shark populate with small fish from fish or at least half of their body can enter the huge mouth of a Paroon Shark simply because they finished in the stomach of a shark. Or not recommended since it with aggressive cichlid aquarium too tight as they will take a bite and attack him for territorial.
Contrary to popular belief, Paroon Sharks are friendly for each other, therefore, possible and advisable to grow them in small groups of 2/3/4 details can be even more if there is enough space, and it is important for everyone to be the same size.
You can teach a Paroon Shark to identify when about to reach the food with the training that stiff them on the glass, and 10 seconds later put them food to water, you can teach them to relax and eat out of my hand also for training, in principle it may be a bit more difficult than in cichlids but it possible.

Please Do not abuse the fish, each fish has its own rhythm and may be understand, will not understand, be afraid or clicks so if you are not going to try anything happened next opportunity lightly.

I hope that my guide help you! I would like to hear from you in comments.
Wish you nothing but success! (:

The Paroon Sharks Guide