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I must emphasize that the tips you read on this page do not replace the guide I made (that is a recommendation and not a character has). These are just tips and bonus information from a lot of reading and studying and an attempt to increase this stunning fish.

A few important things before we get started: First, the fish is not intended to increase home but is illegal for sale in the country and the people who grow it, that's why I opened the site by the way, so that people will learn to take care of this fish properly. The second thing is that the increase in fish Paroon suitable for people with experience in caring for fish and for amateurs and beginners. Third, if you've grown a Paroon shark this page can help you understand this baffling fish better and give you new tools to deal with it, and if you have tips or important knowledge you wish to share your experience you are welcome to write in the comments on the site.

Let's start:

1. These sharks have increased the aquarium as large as possible, not less than 80 cm (this too small) ideal home size is at least a meter and a half.

2. Be sure to occasionally feed them live food that will keep them active and develop their senses of their natural prey.

3. undervalued vegetation and rock, fish Paroon collide them and may be injured.

4. grew up with a big fish at least in size or more, if you want that they do not devour. Or insert a very aggressive cichlids as they may injure the Paroon shark.

5. Paroon sharks are very sociable fish Contrary to what people think and is recommended to grow them in several details.

6. Have you your Paroon shark and fish predator is not it? Do not worry, sometimes the Paroon waiting a long time to devour its prey, procrastination or suspect and therefore can take several hours until it devour him.

7. It is important to keep the aquarium clean, although the fish messy messy but its food is even more desirable to replace a third of clean water and stones once every two weeks.

8. If you want to add more fish to your aquarium with the Paroon, put only fish of the same size that / those already inside.

9. Paroon sharks are not territorial, so there is no fear of such an assault, but only from hunger or boredom.

10. You must hold a large aquarium and a strong thick glass, preferably a single casting. This is because the fish is hyperactive muscles strong so when he was frightened of something he might bump into the walls of the tank and to break it.

11. Note: There is a myth that says these fish grow by the size of the tank, this is a huge mistake! It's just a myth.