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כריש פארון אוכל תולעת
[Paroon Shark eating a live worm - [Click Here to see it in video

Paroon Shark is a fish omnivore, I mean it I can-all ', he eats anything he could wave to put in his mouth. You can deliver it live or dry food, but we recommend also to live as possible so that he gets used to his hunter skills, not degenerate.

Food given to Paroon Sharks:  small and medium-sized fish, worms, dried meat food, * pieces of meat, chicken, poultry, cattle ** (not recommended), *** pieces of edible fish (such as salmon, St. Peter's, and mullet tuna custody, etc.) live and frozen shrimp and lobster, bon appetit!

Important Notice:

* Meat and poultry should be cut into pieces of suitable size, do not throw too many bits of fish could swallow and choke on them all, and cleaned leather, herbs and bones.

** Visit is less fond of fish as food, probably due to the fact that is not usually met with in nature. Beef has negative characteristics that affect the fish.

*** It is very important to clean the leftover pieces of fish bones, fish bones, these usually have a very large and dangerous.

Paroon Sharks diet
Paroon Shark is eating a fish

Paroon Sharks diet
Paroon Shark in action